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Chicago Book Tour 9-15 to 9-23-2011

I love the Windy City. Everyone was so warm, receptive and so supportive and excited about my new book, What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager!

 I had great exposure at WMAQ Digital and a very spontaneous interview about the mother/daughter combustible dynamic.

 WGN TV, my extended Chicago family was next up with Dina, a lovely dynamic anchor who asked questions related to Technology and Aerial Parenting. She loved my concept of AP, different than Helicopter parents Arden. She invited me back. I’d love to come back lots.

WCIU, “You and Me” show with two lively anchors, Melissa and Gene. What a warm and intimate setting, like a living room. They dove into the sticky wicky world of Technology and what our tweens/teens are into and up to. I had lots of laughs with them. Lovely and informal feel.

Then came Good Day Chicago and a fun male anchor. He asked about my Aerial Parenting, specifically about how can you discipline your daughter without punishing her. I responded punishment just doesn’t work the way you’d like it to with your daughter. It just serves to get her angry and sneak around you. Aerial, rise about come from a place of love and keep the conversation going. She really NEEDS you to be solidly in her corner. Don’t bite the bait of provocation. We spoke afterwards. He’s a great Aerial parent Dad..

Next up Hartford Connecticut….

Posted by: Ask Arden | September 26, 2011

Chicago book tour

I had the time of my life and a great TV run in Chicago. First WMAQ TV Digital, WGN TV, WCIU and then Good Day Chicago. A book signing with lovely moms and lots of contact with my Windy City pals. It was the BEST!!!

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Good Day New York segment!!!

September 15 915am you will find me at Fox’s Good Day New York doing a live segment on my book, What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager! A Hope and Happiness Guide for Moms with Daughters ages 11-19! I am thrilled beyond words. Tune in!!!!

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Good Day New York Fox 5

Make sure to tune in to Good Day New York, Fox 5, Thursday, September 15, 9:15am. Doing a live segment on my book What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager! A Hope and Happiness Guide for Moms with Daughters ages 11-19. I am so excited!!!!

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VIDEO: Arden’s appearance on WPIX11 Morning News 8/4/11

Here is my appearance on WPIX11 Morning News from Thursday, August 4, 2011:

Suki, the lovely and engaging anchor and I had thought provoking conversation about the mother/daughter dynamic. It’s true the boundaries can get fuzzy at times and we can connect and disconnect on the spin of a top! Moms have to expect her daughter’s whirlpool of feelings of confusion, stress and upset at times as she tries to navigate through the shark invested waters of the Internet, Facebook, Chatrooms, the complicated and over-stimulating times she is growing up in. All of which pose swimming near pornography, posting some mean and nasty comments and pictures and possibly chatting and facebooking a person who is not what they pretend to be. Our daughters need to be educated and protected.

My book is not only for savvy moms and parents of daughters 11-19 but also for moms with little girls. It’s all about prevention, anticipation and preparation way in advance.

Suki spoke about my books conversation starters in all of my 15 chapters for moms, teaching and helping her come from a position of composure, calm, objectivity and love and learning how to rise above. It’s all about keeping the conversation going between Mom and her daughter.

She needs you to be her rock, her North star and moral compass.

Check WPIX for further discussion. My permanent link to the TV segment will be up on my page and my web and Facebook  in a few days. You can Facebook me as well.


Recently I received about 10 e-mails from mostly 11-12 year old females anxiously awaiting their periods. I feel like their Auntie. It never ceases to amaze me  how uncomfortable they all are, with the exception of one or two, in approaching their Moms. Their questions are very specific from, What will it be like, to development of their breasts to What happens if I get my period at school? I sensitively answer their questions and concerns with how awesome this new adventure will be, speak of their bodies evolution, as well as their specific sanitary needs. I talk about their taking extra TLC of themselves, getting extra sleep, naps, to expect some crankiness, head or stomach aches and in general not feeling like themselves. I generally get the most appreciative and grateful feedback from each and every one of them. Most important though is that I direct them back to their Moms, their aunties, their older sisters, their caretakers, someone that they can depend on to be compassionate, supportive and to give them real and helpful information.

At the point my, Preparing Your Daughter for her period segment with on U-tube has received well over 72,000 hits. That says a lot, doesn’t it. Moms need to extend and stretch themselves to their budding daughters well before puberty to be approachable, a benevolent teacher, role model and a good soothing soul.

Blessings from ask arden

I am thrilled to announce that my new book will be available for pre-orders on Amazon, B & N, Borders, Books-a-Million and  It will be officially out on August 2nd, 2011! Yay!!!

My 15 chapter user friendly advice book is geared to help Moms, and parents  navigate the complex, overstimulating world in which their precious pre-tween, tween and teenage daughters are growing up in. My book has relevent questions and advice, vignettes from my 35 year psychotherapy private practice, moving and engaging stories from Moms and from their daughters shared from the heart and soul.

I cover a wide range of areas, from posting racing pictures on Facebook, sexting, all things electronic, to Cyber-bulling, Sex, the talk, rainbow parties, Peers, School, Family Dynamics, Body Image and Eating Disorders, Identity, LGBTQ, Special Needs. My chapter, Why is she like that? gives parents a deeper understanding of who and what theyare dealing with.Throughout my book I offer conversation starters, ice breakers, specific techniques and skills to prepare and equip Mom, to help her get the crucial perspective in connecting with and handling her daughter effectively.

My no nonsense, compassionate straight from the hip approach, in my intro chapter and in my advice throughout the book has been extrememly successful in helping parents and their daughters in my private practice, my friends and their children, the mass public, in my TV, Radio, media, speaking engagement appearances and with the raising of my two adult children Samara, 21 and Todd 28. I have been told many times how warm, considerate, respectful, delightful, sharp and bright both of my children are. That “I must be doing something right and to keep it up.” So after considerable years of coaxing from my husband Larry, “Arden, You so know what you are doing, you must teach and share your knowledge and experience, there are so many searching parents out there,” here is my third baby, I mean book!

Enjoy Enjoy.

I am sorry that I have taken a brief hiatus from my blog. Writing my book has been a labor of love and extremely time consuming. At this point I will be commenting on relevant articles in print, in the blog-o-sphere, and in the news related to parenting and all things pre-tween, tween, teen and young adult. Once my book is out, I expect to be advising your queries, and appreciate your feedback. So check in every day for updates and let’s have an ongoing conversation. I so want to hear from all of you savvy parents and my favorite tween, teens, young and older adults.

Blessing from

Ask Arden

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What’s A Tiger Mom, Anyway?

After listening to the wonderful Meredith Viera interview, “the tiger mom” and quote exerpts from the new book,” The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom,” (catchy title), I have to say, three cheers for Meredith’s questioning the validity of the authors approach to parenting. The author is first generation, parented by strict, albeit, loving Asian parents. I admit some of the regimintation that she grew up with, ie: an A- is not good enough, and some denigrading comments her parents made to her, was clearly passed on to her legitimacy in treating her little girls in the same fashion.

Little children can be pushed around and intimidated very easily, even if Mom says I love you and I am only doing this for your own good. I want you to be the best. The difference, even for this mom, was when her daughters arrived at tween and teendom. Then it became a whole different ballgame. The girls become so much more challenging. That’s when the author said she started to modify her approach and that her book is really about, an asian mom coming of age.

Really it’s about the older daughters asserting themselves, something she couldn’t do with her own parents. I am so relieved that she became more compromising for her daughters and her sake.

A child is so much more than grades and how much they are driven and capable of practicing the piano or violin for 3 hours a day. Performance needs to be balanced with who they are, what enhances them, and developing their interests and passions.

She has created quite the stir and maybe that’s a good thing. Questioning ourselves as parents and where we come from only serves to benifit our children.

Guess what, my Chinese Zodiac sign is that of a TIGER. Roar, but for me I think it’s more like the protective tiger with her very young cubs. Children become tweens, teens and young adults that pass through us.

Respect and love of themselves and others is the key to healthy self esteem. I am so proud of my two grown children.

An exciting update on my book:

I am in re-writes right now for my book, What Do Expect? She’s A Teenager! A Hope And Happiness Guide For Moms With Daughters 11-19. Sourcebooks. Publishing date August 2011!

Wow, would I love my book to cause some stir as well and oh would I love to be interviewed by Meredith. I did meet her many years ago on the TV show “The View.” I did two segments that were teen driven. She was and is a delightful, real, authentic gal who is smart and with it. That’s one of my dreams. A today show interview. Pray for me.

Much Blessings from,

Ask Arden

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Bully awareness for Moms of tween and teenage daughters

Take a peek at a segment I did for WGN Mid-Day News on enabling Mom to be aware, proactive and protective of her daughter who could be potentially bullied. I discuss the warning signs and what Mom can do to ensure her daughter’s health, welfare and safety. Blessings from askarden. listen to Arden here

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