Posted by: Ask Arden | September 26, 2011

Chicago Book Tour 9-15 to 9-23-2011

I love the Windy City. Everyone was so warm, receptive and so supportive and excited about my new book, What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager!

 I had great exposure at WMAQ Digital and a very spontaneous interview about the mother/daughter combustible dynamic.

 WGN TV, my extended Chicago family was next up with Dina, a lovely dynamic anchor who asked questions related to Technology and Aerial Parenting. She loved my concept of AP, different than Helicopter parents Arden. She invited me back. I’d love to come back lots.

WCIU, “You and Me” show with two lively anchors, Melissa and Gene. What a warm and intimate setting, like a living room. They dove into the sticky wicky world of Technology and what our tweens/teens are into and up to. I had lots of laughs with them. Lovely and informal feel.

Then came Good Day Chicago and a fun male anchor. He asked about my Aerial Parenting, specifically about how can you discipline your daughter without punishing her. I responded punishment just doesn’t work the way you’d like it to with your daughter. It just serves to get her angry and sneak around you. Aerial, rise about come from a place of love and keep the conversation going. She really NEEDS you to be solidly in her corner. Don’t bite the bait of provocation. We spoke afterwards. He’s a great Aerial parent Dad..

Next up Hartford Connecticut….


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