Posted by: Ask Arden | August 9, 2011

VIDEO: Arden’s appearance on WPIX11 Morning News 8/4/11

Here is my appearance on WPIX11 Morning News from Thursday, August 4, 2011:



  1. I love this blog. I’m a school social worker, and deliver a parenting course for my parents each year. I’m also fathering a teen daughter and have my own parenting blog. Most of your advice seems to be directed at mothers, but I suspect you’d only tweak them a little for someone like me. Care to comment? BTW I’m trying to find a way to follow you on twitter… not seeing any

    • Thanks Rodney, I really appreciate your comment.

    • You are right Rodney, just a slight tweak for Dads, especially those that are very connected to their daughters and sons. Where do you teach? How wonderful that you are teaching a parenting course. I need to get a twitter account.
      I am going to be on Good Day New York in Manhattan on September 15 around 740am. Exact time TBA, and will post that video. I also need to share a link for WRAL segment which is now permanently on their web. What a wonderful buttoned up operation in Raleigh!! Great people…Great job Rodney. Our children need more people like you to role model the hardest job in the world. My best always, Arden

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