Posted by: Ask Arden | August 4, 2011

WPIX CHANNEL 11 August 4th 820am appearance:What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager

Suki, the lovely and engaging anchor and I had thought provoking conversation about the mother/daughter dynamic. It’s true the boundaries can get fuzzy at times and we can connect and disconnect on the spin of a top! Moms have to expect her daughter’s whirlpool of feelings of confusion, stress and upset at times as she tries to navigate through the shark invested waters of the Internet, Facebook, Chatrooms, the complicated and over-stimulating times she is growing up in. All of which pose swimming near pornography, posting some mean and nasty comments and pictures and possibly chatting and facebooking a person who is not what they pretend to be. Our daughters need to be educated and protected.

My book is not only for savvy moms and parents of daughters 11-19 but also for moms with little girls. It’s all about prevention, anticipation and preparation way in advance.

Suki spoke about my books conversation starters in all of my 15 chapters for moms, teaching and helping her come from a position of composure, calm, objectivity and love and learning how to rise above. It’s all about keeping the conversation going between Mom and her daughter.

She needs you to be her rock, her North star and moral compass.

Check WPIX for further discussion. My permanent link to the TV segment will be up on my page and my web and Facebook  in a few days. You can Facebook me as well.



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