Posted by: Ask Arden | May 15, 2011

Tweenage Anxiety: preparing for their periods. How a Mom can help.

Recently I received about 10 e-mails from mostly 11-12 year old females anxiously awaiting their periods. I feel like their Auntie. It never ceases to amaze me  how uncomfortable they all are, with the exception of one or two, in approaching their Moms. Their questions are very specific from, What will it be like, to development of their breasts to What happens if I get my period at school? I sensitively answer their questions and concerns with how awesome this new adventure will be, speak of their bodies evolution, as well as their specific sanitary needs. I talk about their taking extra TLC of themselves, getting extra sleep, naps, to expect some crankiness, head or stomach aches and in general not feeling like themselves. I generally get the most appreciative and grateful feedback from each and every one of them. Most important though is that I direct them back to their Moms, their aunties, their older sisters, their caretakers, someone that they can depend on to be compassionate, supportive and to give them real and helpful information.

At the point my, Preparing Your Daughter for her period segment with on U-tube has received well over 72,000 hits. That says a lot, doesn’t it. Moms need to extend and stretch themselves to their budding daughters well before puberty to be approachable, a benevolent teacher, role model and a good soothing soul.

Blessings from ask arden


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