Posted by: Ask Arden | May 7, 2011

What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager! A Hope and Happiness Guide for Moms with Daughters 11-19.

I am thrilled to announce that my new book will be available for pre-orders on Amazon, B & N, Borders, Books-a-Million and  It will be officially out on August 2nd, 2011! Yay!!!

My 15 chapter user friendly advice book is geared to help Moms, and parents  navigate the complex, overstimulating world in which their precious pre-tween, tween and teenage daughters are growing up in. My book has relevent questions and advice, vignettes from my 35 year psychotherapy private practice, moving and engaging stories from Moms and from their daughters shared from the heart and soul.

I cover a wide range of areas, from posting racing pictures on Facebook, sexting, all things electronic, to Cyber-bulling, Sex, the talk, rainbow parties, Peers, School, Family Dynamics, Body Image and Eating Disorders, Identity, LGBTQ, Special Needs. My chapter, Why is she like that? gives parents a deeper understanding of who and what theyare dealing with.Throughout my book I offer conversation starters, ice breakers, specific techniques and skills to prepare and equip Mom, to help her get the crucial perspective in connecting with and handling her daughter effectively.

My no nonsense, compassionate straight from the hip approach, in my intro chapter and in my advice throughout the book has been extrememly successful in helping parents and their daughters in my private practice, my friends and their children, the mass public, in my TV, Radio, media, speaking engagement appearances and with the raising of my two adult children Samara, 21 and Todd 28. I have been told many times how warm, considerate, respectful, delightful, sharp and bright both of my children are. That “I must be doing something right and to keep it up.” So after considerable years of coaxing from my husband Larry, “Arden, You so know what you are doing, you must teach and share your knowledge and experience, there are so many searching parents out there,” here is my third baby, I mean book!

Enjoy Enjoy.

I am sorry that I have taken a brief hiatus from my blog. Writing my book has been a labor of love and extremely time consuming. At this point I will be commenting on relevant articles in print, in the blog-o-sphere, and in the news related to parenting and all things pre-tween, tween, teen and young adult. Once my book is out, I expect to be advising your queries, and appreciate your feedback. So check in every day for updates and let’s have an ongoing conversation. I so want to hear from all of you savvy parents and my favorite tween, teens, young and older adults.

Blessing from

Ask Arden



  1. Visit for my new authors page and buy buy buy the most exciting, thought provoking, user friendly book filled with questions from Moms and advice, vignettes from my private practice from Moms and daughters and stories from the heart. My book offers 15 tips to get closer, understand your daughter and to learn how to rise above. I go from sex, sexting, rainbow parties, teen pregnancy, bullying/cyberbullying, family issues such as divorse, moving, school and academic issues, launching your daughter to College, drugs, alcohol and risky behavior, mental health issues, body image, eating disorder, identity (GLBT), issues with friends and peers, and special needs all wrapped up with lots of love, gratitude and appreciation.
    So take a look and order now!
    My first book signing is at The Corner Bookstore 93rd Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan, September 8th at 6pm. See you there.
    Blessings from Arden

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