Posted by: Ask Arden | August 3, 2010

Bully awareness for Moms of tween and teenage daughters

Take a peek at a segment I did for WGN Mid-Day News on enabling Mom to be aware, proactive and protective of her daughter who could be potentially bullied. I discuss the warning signs and what Mom can do to ensure her daughter’s health, welfare and safety. Blessings from askarden. listen to Arden here



  1. Bullying can come in so many forms. I can relate to your story about your friends trying to get you to smoke as a young girl. I feel that peer pressure is just another form of bullying and young girls need Mom’s help.

    • True Viv. With girls especially there is relational bullying, like leaving a girl out of a conversation, telling her she can’t sit with “the group” in the lunch room and trying to dominate and control her.
      I was fortunate to have a Mom who was appropriately protective and lucky that the principal and the Moms of the girls that tried to bully me, cooperated.
      Not every girl is so fortunate.
      Thanks for the feedback.
      Much love to you and the family.
      Looking forward to hearing about Australia.

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