Posted by: Ask Arden | May 17, 2010

Eating Disorders Workshop @ Rockland Country Day School

I gave a brief workshop sponsored by the Rockland Health and Wellness Coalition’s 4th annual conference held on Wednesday April 28th. I spoke briefly about some of my experiences with both my anorexic and bulimic patients and the danger of their developing life threatening medical conditions. The dual diagnosis of a patient having a drug addiction further complicated both the treatment and prognosis. Bone health, the likely hood of developing osteopenia and osteoporosis, if the eating disorder persists, was of grave concern as well.

I shared my experience working with compulsive overeaters and a support group I ran for the morbidly obese. I so enjoyed working with this highly verbal and motivated group.
I tied in a recent episode of the popular TV program GLEE to illustrate the pressure on females to adhere to a certain body type. The head of the cheerleaders told one over weight gal to swallow a mixture that contained ipecac syrup because she had to lose 10 pounds in one week! The cheerleader head assured her cheerleader that she could easily throw up!!!! Listening and seeing the expression on the young gals face was so painful for me. I was very upset because the age group that watches this program is around, 8 years old to late teens, and their Moms. We had a lively discussion. The good thing was that the cheer leader changed her mind and instead sang the song, You are beautiful no matter what they say, words don’t get me down. You know the Christine Agulera song. Thank God, a happy ending.

With lots of gals the ending is not so happy. Some gals spend their life counting calories, starving, purging and feeling so down on themselves and sad.
It’s so important to make this segment of Glee an opportunity for a teaching moment for Mom and daughter. That girls comes in all different sizes, shapes and colors. That we are so much more than our bodies. We are our intelligence, humor, loyalty, personality, to name a few. Our uniqueness needs to be celebrated. We are, afterall, God’s masterpiece.

Blessings from,
Ask Arden



  1. my girl is only 14 months and it is overwhelming how much work I have to do with myself first to ensure I have my head clear before I am even able to protect and help her navigate through teenage years…
    Enjoyed the article, thank you.

    • Glad you enjoyed my article. Yes, it’s no easy task raising a healthy and happy female daughter these days. Enjoy the baby and toddler years, it’s so special. My new book which is soon to be picked up by a publisher, will help you navigate and ensure your daughters safety, health and welfare in the future.
      Much blessings and love from,

      • Oh and your baby is absolutely adorable. Enjoy her!!!!!
        Blessings from

    • Thanks so much. You will love my new book, What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager! It’s a full family read and a wonderful springboard for discussion and conversation with your daughter.

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