Posted by: Ask Arden | April 18, 2010

Warnings Signs that your child is being bullied

Parents need to keep their fingers on the pulse of their children, tweens and teenagers. Look for changes in behavior. If your daughter suddenly becomes depressed, moody, sullen complains of stomach pain, headaches and refuses to go to school, than something is up big time. Most kids get rather frightened especially if a bully has threatened to hurt them physically and has been taunting them in and out of school. As I said in my last posting, it can now be a 24/7 constant with cyber-bullying.

As a parent, exploring with your child what could possibly be disturbing them is a good place to start. Most scapegoats are in a lot of pain so Mom and Dad please persevere with compassion.
This is a good place to start. Love to hear from my readers with their questions.

Blessings from askarden


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