Posted by: Ask Arden | April 3, 2010

Who mails out the Thank You note?

My daughter Samara has been persuing a summer internship with a very prestigious casting company in Manhattan. She has been writing hand written thank you’s to the head of the casting company and most recently to the person who interviewed her.

Her last thankyou was edited by her brother Todd and my husband Larry for spelling etc., When it came time to mailing it out, and here is where it gets rather telling with my mental running dialogue to myself, I thought to myself, my son can, he is going back to Manhattan. It will get there the fastest. Than I thought what if he forgets to? You know he could, than what? You are going to bother him and make sure he did?. Nah, that won’t work!

When sharing this with my pal Jen Singer over lunch I realized a few things about my son. He can be so amazingly grown up and mature. A person who is really solidly in himself and there in a heartbeat. He is compassionate, intelligent, funny, a great tennis player, so handsome and you just can’t help yourself but love him to bits. Than, and this is where I paused with Jen, there is a seven year old inside to him. She laughed. He can be so in his own little world and can be unintentionally forgetful. Jen has two sons and she perhaps was thinking about, those I don’t know times herself.

Now that I think about it, Todd and I can be speaking on the phone very connected and all of a sudden, I know he still is there but he isn’t as tuned in. Yoo Whoo, you there? He doesn’t answer right away.I think to myself, I know he’s in, just need to be a bit patient. An all too familiar pattern is my husband Larry’s response, Todd, Todd!!!
What, What I’m here.
So what do you make of this? Hey I can tune out myself sometimes, but not too much, too many people depend on me.
What’s your experience like with your kids? Oh by the way Todd is now 27.

You like happy endings? I do. My husband mailed out the thankyou at our local post office and Samara landed that incredible internship yesterday.Yes Yes Yes!!!!


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