Posted by: Ask Arden | March 30, 2010

Tragic and Sudden Loss of Two Teenage Young Men

Two Dads of two different patients of mine shared that two teenage young men, on their way to baseball practice this morning were in a fatal head on car crash with a dump truck. OMG, I said, so horrible. My 17 year old female patient knew one young man and said her friends were friends of both young men. This is an utter shocking tragedy for their families, friends and all those that teach and attend Suffern High School.

In times like this, there are no words, just tears, sadness and unfortunately being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the location of the accident was described to me and visually seen on TV, I knew the spot. There is a major blind spot and rather dangerous if one is making a left hand turn, which I think was what happened.
This is Spring Break in all of the Rockland County schools, so Suffern H.S. will have grief counselors in place for this Monday for the staff and students.
My patient was tearful and sad.

I shared that one of my favorite patients Lynn and her daughter Lizzie, six years ago this month, were in a fatal car accident with a tractor trailor. It so devasted me when Lynn’s husband called me with his thankless task. I cried so hard and called my husband. Oh man, it feels like yesterday.

We best count our blessings and be grateful that those near and dear to us are alive and safe. Life sometimes can be on a thread. We all can be very vunerable. One wonders how can this possibly happen? Unfortunately it can and does. Whew.

My condolences to the families of these two young athletes, their friends and all those that knew them.




  1. This is very sad indeed and my heart breaks for their families and your community, Arden.


    • It’s so shocking Jen. It appears that these two young men were extremely active, and well loved by their team, their coach, their friends at Suffern High School and family. They will be sorely missed.
      Grief counselling is available at the high school.
      There is a memorial, with flowers, set up at the site of the accident.
      There are little words of comfort other than positive memories and contributions made by Vincent and Christopher.

      • I so feel for the families and friends of these two very close friends. They are sorely missed.
        Blessings from Arden

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