Posted by: Ask Arden | January 20, 2010

For Moms: Behind Closed Doors, What is my teenage daughter up to?

Why would your teenage daughter send a nude picture of herself to her boyfriend?

This has become common place, unfortunately, for dating teens to send a partially nude picture of themselves. One instance was brought to my attention by a Mom who told me her daughter’s friend was told by her boyfriend tp text him a picture of her “chest.” He promised not to show it to anyone else. He continued to say that if she really loved and trusted him she would do that. Of course she did and you can guess what happened. It was circulated all over school and other schools in the County that I live in.

Here is some incite into why guys are pushing their girlfriends to do this. There is some locker room, good old boy immaturity. You can imagine a male teen bragging, “Look what I got her to do, Ha Ha! ” There is no caring or sense about the reprocussions and the impact on his girlfriend. Picture your teen daughter in this scenario. Once she sees what’s going on she is hysterical, humiliated, embarrased to face her peers and becomes the laughing stock of the school.

This so does not have to happen! I can’t emphasize enough that a talk with your daughter is so in order here. Even if she thinks you have 3 heads you must warn her not to send any nude pictures of herself, not even in jest. Ask her if anyone that she knows has sent an embarrassing picture and what became of it.
This situation has really gotten out of hand and us Moms need to intervene for our daughters own sake.

Blessings and hang in there,



  1. Take a peak at my latest posting that expands on why would your teenage daughter send a nude picture of herself to her boyfriend and what Moms can do to prevent this from happening.

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