Posted by: Ask Arden | September 20, 2009

First Period

Although September has arrived and our children have started another school year, you were correct if you assumed that this topic is not about our daughters first class of the day.

My video will help you in learning about your daughters menstrual cycle.



  1. Hi, well i would just like to ask you a question ?

    I have just started my first period around 6 days ago but i really want to know when to expect it to finish also i though it would of stopped by now.
    the flow changes from day to today please help

    thank you .x

    • Hi sweetie,

      With a brand new experience that is personally your own have faith and confidence in the wisdom of your body. Your anxiety in not knowing what to expect is understandable. I would venture to say it may take a few more days to see less and less of a flow. Every month it could be different. Some females actually skip a month or two at the beginning until your body regulates itself to accomodate for this change.
      Every bodys body is different so take a breath, relax, you are going through a major rite of passage. Congratulations and make sure to get plenty of rest and give yourself and body tender, loving, care. Expect some mood changes to accompany your period, but that is all very normal. Your estrogen level elevates than plumets.
      Wishing you peace and love dear,

      • Thanks for the reply πŸ™‚
        I will you this sitee again really useful

        Thanks again x

      • Jess, Glad I can be of help.

      • can i ask u a few question i have been devoloping breats and pubic hair i sweat a lot and i have hair under my arm also i have been havin yellowish greenish liquid coming out from my vagina does it mean my period is coming? plz answer quick
        thnx xxxx love ya and im 11 turning 12 soon

      • Sweetie you are right. You will probably be getting your period shortly. Take good care of yourself. Gets lots of rest. If you seem a bit moody that’s perfectly normal. I would say within the year for sure.
        Talk to your Mom or some older female that you can confide in as well.
        Good Luck my dear. This is a major and important rite of passage to be very proud of.
        Lots of love and good wishes.

      • Did you get your period yet sweetie. Keep me posted.
        Lots of love,

  2. its me again im sorry if im bothering u i really have painful cramps even though i have not srarted my period what should i do? plz help

    xxx thnx love ya bye

  3. there is one thing to i have to ask u does getting your period denpend in how u eat and rest?

  4. I have been seeing little blobs of clear gel like stuff i have been having cramps,headacha and nasuia.Does that mean i am having my period because i havent had mmine yet so i wanted to know?

    • plz answer quick

    • Dear Kerri,
      Yes it sounds like you are having a discharge that may signal preparation for your period dear. Cramps, headache and general feeling of un-wellness is very normal. Having one’s period is like having a healthy sickness my dear.
      Have you spoken to an older sister, auntie or your Mom as of yet.
      Keep me posted dear.

    • Sweetie did you get your period? How are you doing?

  5. i am 12 and i havent seen the gel like stuff every day just 1 day so far

  6. i keep seeing little globs of yellow-green& clear gel am i starting my period please reply quick i have to know!!!!! xoxoxo

  7. hello,my name is flora wow what a very good website i just wanted to ask that i started my period already but the problem is tht i dont really have big boobs i am not even a size A yet so please i need YOUR HELP QUICKLY thnxxx alot

    xx flora

    • Sweetie just give me a bit more details. I can’t wait to share with you and your Mom my book in the making, What Do Expect? She’s A Teenager! A Hope And Happiness Guide For Moms With Daughters 11-19. My book will be in the bookstore Aug 2nd 2011.
      Much blessing from

  8. i mean small boobs

  9. i have a question, ive had my period for 4 years now but i cant stand it. i have this problem that when i feel the blood coming out i hold in the blood and hold my breath until i get to a restroom. this only happens at school. i cant do any sports without feeling uncomfortable and whenever i run the mile at school, while on my period i get lightheaded and i dont let my blood out its annoying me. i dont know what to do i really need help because my period is controlling my life it last around 8 days, what should i do??

    • Sweetie I am so sorry that you are so uncomfortable. It’s such a natural happening, that provides you with hormones, like estrogen that protect and strengthens your bones. Strong bones are essential for any physical activity, such as running, racing etc., How old are you? It sounds like it’s been a struggle for you to get used to having your period. Any cramps? I do hope that in time, 8 days, will be more like 5 and that it does not get in your way so much.
      Plan special activities around those days. A facial, manicure, pedicure, special pampering. Get extra sleep and listen to your favorite music.
      Taking a walk in nature outdoors, even in the cold, is very soothing.
      Keep me posted.

      Much love,

    • Sweetie, I think a visit to your Moms gynocologist is the direction for you. You need to share with her that you have a heavy flow. We need to see if that is “your normal.” Every females body is different. I am so sorry that you feel so uncomcomfortable and annoyed. You wouldn’t be the first teen or woman to feel that way. Our hormones start to fly out of control. I need you to focus on calming yourself down. Soothing bubble bath, music, meditation and deep breathing. My new book, What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager! A Hope and Happiness Guide for Moms with Daughters 11-19, offers Meditations for Mom. How about using those meditation for yourself sweetie. My book will be out August 2nd 2011! I will keep you posted.
      Blessings from,

      Ask Arden

  10. Hello My Name is Jessie (Jess for short) Em.. i started my period like 1 years ago but i have no breasts is this bad? and 12 by the way

    • Hi sweetie,
      It’s amazing how we all develop at different paces. I have a feeling your breast will develop in time. Try not to compare yourself to your girlfriends. You are special, unique and a masterpiece, a one of a kind.
      So just hang in there and keep me posted.
      Blessings from,

    • Everybody’s body is different. Just take a breath and calm down and enjoy everything that is unique and special about yourself. Have mom buy my new 15 chapter book, What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager! A Hope and Happiness Guide for Moms with Daughters available on and Barnes and Noble for a wonderful chapter on Identity and Body Image.

  11. Hey Arden , Iam 14 and i started my period around a year ago but i have missed like 3months but there is no possible chance that iam pregnant or anything like that , could you help cos i dont no if it normal or what ? thanksss πŸ™‚ xx

    • It’s very normal to misss a period especially when you are in your early teens. you ask if you are pregnant. Are you having any sexual contact? Let me know. KK? Lots of good vibes coming your way. Arden

  12. Hi,my name is ciera and i am 11.
    I cant tell if i will be getting my period soon please help!!!
    I have discharge everyday,headachs,cramps and hair has developed and breasts.
    Am I getting it soon??????
    Please help me!
    Sweetie, hang in there. It sounds like you will be getting your period, if you have not already gotten it. You like so many of my young tween and teen patients, and pals get so anxious and worked up. That’s so normal as well. Lots of hormones are flying around in your body and it just has that effect that fires us females up. Try not to worry so much, everything will be ok. Have a talk with Mom, an older Auntie, or sibling, or cousin about how it was for them. You need to begin to see that so many other young gals your age feel the exact same way.
    Much blessings to you my dear,

    • delet it when u read it plz

  13. Hi I’m Mary and I am 12, I have not started my period but I have had discharge for about 1 and a half years. I have a lot of it and it sometimes gets uncomfortable having it in my underwear all day. I try to go in the restroom and wipe some of it up but i was just wondering of having a lot of discharge is normal!

    • Mary dear, It’s all quite normal. Perhaps within a year you will be getting your period. Have you and Mom spoken about the wonderful changes that are happening to your body? If not have a talk with an Auntie, a close older young adult female, that can confort you.
      It’s amazing how our wonderful bodies work.

      • Have Mom buy my new book, What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager! now available on and Barnes and Noble.
        You can read it and she can as well.

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